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An immersive journey for your soul

Tenerife Meditation Tour

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6 days in-person retreat & tour for all levels

A journey to deepen your understanding of yourself. Visit and meditate at high vibrational sites, raise your vibration and expand.

Utilising Tenerife’s vibrant energy, this retreat is designed to help you expand and experience the healing power of nature; this retreat will gift you the frequency to empower the most magnificent version of yourself.

Upcoming dates

November 15 - 20, 2024

What you will gain

through this retreat

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A journey with purpose

What is a Meditation Tour?

While most travel involves sightseeing, taking photos, making memories, and enjoying delicious food, a meditation tour adds the essential elements of mind, body, and spirit purification in nature. This unique experience allows you to practice deep self-care in a new setting, helping to refresh and rejuvenate your energy flow.

Without this component of reflection and self-care, travel can sometimes leave you feeling fatigued upon returning home.

We tailor our Meditation Tours to visit key locations on the island of Tenerife adding the meditation element, guiding you to deeper connection and reflection. Take a deep breath, connect with nature, and find inspiration for a life of greater purpose.

This meditation tour offers the opportunity to return home feeling revitalised and newly inspired. Immerse yourself in the natural world and experience the purification of your mind, body, and spirit.

Tenerife Healing Garden banana plantation

For best experience some locations are subject to change

Places you'll visit

  • Healing Garden

  • National park of Cañadas del Teide (UNESCO)

  • Masca

  • Natural pools in Garachico and Alcalá

  • Millennial Dragon Tree

  • Giant pine tree (Pino Gordo)

  • La Laguna (UNESCO)

  • Anaga forest (UNESCO)

  • Banana plantation

  • Beach areas

unique and unforgettable

What you will experience

  • Excursions to high vibrational sites of Tenerife.

  • Guided meditations and training.

  • Nurturing meals.

  • Group sessions and free time to integrate experiences.

  • Deep connection to yourself and energetic healing to refresh yourself.

  • Recharging your body, mind, and spirit surrounded by pure, clean, cozy, and beautiful nature of the Island

Tenerife Healing Garden Meditation Retreat

What people are saying

A land with extremely strong energy

“Tenerife is a land that has an extremely strong energy. The meditation retreat at Healing Garden, a place very warm and welcoming, helps to connect the 4 elements: water, air, fire, earth. It's an unforgettable experience."

Dominique, France

Tour Price: 2.200€

Book before September 15th for November Early Bird -15%

Included in the price:

Full program

Every day trips to visit Tenerife's high vibrational sites. Guided meditations and training

Food & Drinks

All meals are included. You can let us know about your dietary preferences to keep in mind and adjust to when possible.


Stay at our Healing Garden.

Large groups will be accommodated in a hotel. Private rooms may be available on request for an additional fee. 


Bath towels are included and anything needed during the meditations and sessions will be provided. You'll just need to bring your personal things. 

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but you want more information?

This Meditation Tour is designed for those who love to travel and are also looking for something special to guide them into a deeper connection to nature and themselves. 


Are you interested but not sure yet? You can book a free consultation call below and meet us for an opportunity to ask any questions and experience a meditation that will help you connect to what you can experience on this trip. 

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