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About Us

Find inspiration at Tenerife Healing Garden

One of thousands Brain Education centers worldwide, this tranquil oasis offers classes, retreats and services both in person and online! Taking ancient Tao techniques as the source of endless inspiration, Tenerife Healing Garden is designed for deep reflection and joyful self discovery. 


Discover meditation platforms, labyrinths, flower gardens and breathtaking sunsets all while being guided to the ultimate connection of all - connection to your true nature. Take the time for yourself and connect deeply to the person you were born to be.

 Have a look at what Tenerife Healing Garden has to offer:

Flower Bud Petals

What can you do at THG?

Body & Brain Classes

A physical exercises that use a variety of techniques to increase mind-body connection. They main goal of these classes is to achieve relaxed concentration. It is done through: stretching, meditation, breathing techniques and qigong


Healing Garden organises different events so you can come and visit us, meet the team and get to know how can we be of help to you. 

Air bnb

Spend your next vacation with us. Check out our houses for short-term rent.

We have 2 and 3 bedroom houses with private swimming pools, ocean landscape view in a very quiet location yet only 15 away from local shops.


Stay with us for a week or a few days and learn how to free yourself from negative emotional experiences and habits, let your true self shine brightly!

We have a variety of retreats, some of them live-in, some not, so find out more below: 


Whether you are looking how to deepen your experience or simply don't know where to start, book one of our services to discuss your best next step

Hire THG for your event 

Healing Garden has a beautiful facility with a large training room, spacious houses, outdoor swimming pools and luscious food gardens with avocados and bananas always at hand.

Coorporate Team Building

Adjusted to your company's needs, we organise Team Building Events in house or at your location. Our main focus is to teach participants how to manage stressful situations and to achieve a state of relaxed concentration. It is possible to work in an office and stay calm!


Meet The Team

Ilchi Lee

The founder

The founder of Brain Education, best selling author and educator, founder of Tenerife Healing Garden 


Tenerife Healing Garden was established in 2018 and so much work has been done since! It used to be a banana & avocado farm with part of the land abandoned and covered in rubbish. Day by day we are growing a beautiful garden on this prosperous land and we don't want to stop just there!


Our mission is to reestablish harmony not only in our bodies and minds but also on land that we live in and inspire people all over the world to take care of their surroundings too. Everything that we do is geared towards finding that balance in yourself, your surroundings and the Earth.  We truly believe it starts with each individual.


We trust in the goodness of humanity and embrace the idea of one humanity and one Earth, which allows us to find common grounds and values with all people and set the differences apart.  To help us revive the land  and make our Earth greener you can help us plant a tree!

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