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Workshops & Retreats

Transform your Energy · Transform your Life

Unique to Tenerife and with a legacy of over 30 years, each session at Healing Garden promises a profound journey towards self-discovery and holistic well-being. Join us for a transformative experience that will leave your soul rejuvenated and ready to make significant positive changes in your life.

A chance to learn practical tools on how to manage your stress, regain your focus and reconnect with your true self

A unique and practical approach to meditation and movement for both experienced and beginner meditators

Individual and group stress management classes, workshops, retreats and tours for finding your calm, ficus and creativity

Visit high vibrational sites in Tenerife and learn how to change your energy, raise your vibration through connecting to nature

· Retreats ·

We offer all-inclusive (accomodation, meals & other necessities) and fully planned retreats as well as individually planned for your groups needs and preferences. We offer intensive retreats for those seeking deep personal transformation as well as alternative holistic holidays for those wanting to relax and disconnect from their busy daily life.


Contact us to organise a tailored retreat for your group.

Retreats are held for minimum 4 and maximum 16 people.

· Workshops ·

Workshops at Healing Garden (no food or accomodation included) range from one-day events to multi-day experiences, all designed to take you out of the fight or flight mode and awaken the most powerful version of yourself.


Available to everyone, these workshops focus on holistic health, the power of the physical body, discovering one's true self, and the ancient practice of Qigong. Participants engage in active meditations and energy body activation, aiming for a deeply visceral experience.

Not sure which retreat is the one for you?

Book a free 30 minute consulation with an experienced instructor to discuss what would be the best way for you to start your healing journey. You will be guided using ancient Tao principles and given the tools to start your journey already today. 

Rock Maze

Do you want hold your own retreat?

Book Tenerife Healing Garden's facilities

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