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Heal the Garden of your Soul


Tenerife Healing Garden is a sanctuary for wellbeing, classes, and retreats. Rooted in the Sun Tao tradition and integrated with a neuroscience practice, we offer a holistic approach to personal growth and healing.

We provide both onsite and online weekly Body & Brain classes for all levels. Our tailored retreats help you relax, let go of daily life's busyness, and reconnect with yourself. Our programs foster personal development, improve relationships, and build character for the benefit of all.

Immerse in the natural beauty of Tenerife and cultivate a deeper sense of self and connection through nature, embracing the spirit of coexistence as you journey towards a balanced and harmonious life.

Welcome to a space where wellbeing flourishes and personal transformation begins.

Meditation, yoga and Qi Gong retreat Tenerife Teide

Experience at

Healing Garden


Traditional and modern methods to quiet the mind suitable for all levels.


Ancient principles through body movement. Unblock and circulate Qi energy.


Alleviate emotional, mental and physical burdens in simple and effective ways.


Practical techniques to live life with intention and presence in the now.


Beyond thought, meet your True Self viscerally. Truly connect to self love.


Techniques to apply into your day to day for ownership of your life. 

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Meditation Tour

This one is for those seeking for a deep connection to nature and travel meditation. Everything has been planned and organised in this journey. Just come and we take care of the rest.

5 nights - 6 days

Weekend Reset

For those who don't have that much time but are in need for a reset. With guided practice, meditations you will renew your energy and connect to yourself.

3 nights - 4 days

Breathing Qigong

A retreat for all levels with morning and evening qigong sessions. You also have enough available time during the day to do what you enjoy doing. Rest at Healing Garden or visit the island.

3 nights - 4 days


Two people on a retreat in Tenerife Healing Garden

Spinal Alignment

Spine alignment with hands on treatment, Rainbow Bridge® and energy work.

Two people on a retreat in Tenerife Healing Garden

Aura Reading

An energy reading before and after a tailored exercise and meditation with biofeedback technology.

Two people on a retreat in Tenerife Healing Garden

Accupresure Massage

Improve circulation opening up meridian channels in your body through accupresure healing...

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Body & Brain

· Meridian Stretching · Brain Wave Vibration ·
· Qigong · Breathing · Guided Meditation · Relaxation ·

Holistic classes for ALL levels

Guest Reviews

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Klas, Sweden

This was a very pleasant and slightly over the top experience that I enjoyed very much. Very nice and caring teachers. Want to learn more!
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