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Mountain Ridge

Finding True Self Workshop

realise your deepest essence


2 day self-discovery workshop suitable for all levels

A self discovery intensive retreat that gives you the opportunity to switch off completely from the external world and calm your mind to the point where you will finally be able to hear your inner voice.

Finding True Self workshop is designed to take you on a deep journey inwards, where you are encouraged to let go of all external stimuli for a few days and participate in a deep training to open your heart and hear your inner wisdom.

Become aware of you thought, behavior patterns and emotional reactions that sabotage your relationships, leave you tired and not sure of yourself

Bring harmony to your mind and body, get the tools to maintain this state and a feeling of yourself in everyday life.

Develop the physical, emotional, and mental awareness and open yourself to experience your True Self - which is your nature beyond your thoughts and ideas of yourself - it is your deepsest essence that you were born with

Realise your wholeness and set a clear vision for your growth in the future!

this program will help you to:

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Typical Schedule

Preparation Session

Time will be scheduled

Pre-training with Bobby to prepare body, mind and soul for the main training. Anchoring intention.

Main training day 1 - Saturday 20th April

12:30 to 17:30

First day Finding True Self training with Tao master Bogo Dahnsanim

Main training day 2 - Sunday 21st April

10:00 to 16:30

Second day with Bogo Dahnsanim - dive deeper within and Find True Self.



A reinforcement session to reconnect to last weeks energy and keep grounding your awakenings with Bobby.

& optional followup sessions (included)

For seven days post Finding True Self training, these sessions are available in person and online. 

This soul connection training is highly recommended to strengthen the connection to the essence you encountered and bring this energy into your day to day.

Full training program

Train with the world most renowned trainers that have over 25 years of experience. Finding True Self program is a time-tested program with thousands of previous participants all over the world.

Food & drinks

Snacks and tea are provided. 

On day 2 please bring your own lunch


Wear comfortable and neutral coloured clothing. Socks are recommended and we provide yoga mats.

Included in the price:

Program consists of:

  • Physical exercises

  • Interactive games and activities for self-reflection

  • Different types meditation 

  • Guided in group, in pair and individual sessions

  • Some free time in between sessions to deeply integrate your experience

11_04_23 06.06.41.jpg
“The Finding True Self experience was great. I wanted to have my confidence back and be more  like  myself. I definitely achieved that and keep telling myself 'I have the power'."

Shirley, Tenerife

Are you interested but you need something more to decide?

Finding True Self retreat is a full, immersive program created for you to have maximum awakenings in 4 days.


If you feel that you are not ready for this experience yet, but want to start somewhere, book a free consultation call below and an experienced instructor will guide you to find your next best step.

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