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Initial awakening workshop

A transformational experience

Initial Awakening

Upcoming dates

August, Saturday 31st
9:30 - 14:00


A foundation for health

Do you have a lot on your plate? With the constant flood of emails, text messages, news updates, and social media notifications, staying connected to yourself may be harder than ever. Initial Awakening is designed to help you bring your awareness back to yourself and your body, so that you can feel more energetic and centered.

Are rou feeling like this?

Initial Awakening can help you strengthen the connection between your body and mind, putting you in the driver’s seat to manage them better. 

Image by Emma Henderson

center your mind in your body

What you will experience

Physical Training, such as Dahnjon Tapping, Intestine Exercise, Yeondahn (energy-burning exercise), and dynamic movements to truly feel your body with focused attention.

Energy Principle demonstrations to see how your state of mind can influence and transform physical matter, including your body.


Meditation and breathing exercises to help you watch yourself more closely and truly become one with your body. You will experience a deeper sense of peace as tension and stress melt away.

Tenerife Healing Garden Initial Awakening Workshop


How you will

Tenerife Healing Garden workshops and retreats

Get a clearer understanding of the fundamentals of Body & Brain practice and activate your energetic power to feel like a completely new person!

Upgrade your physical energy: Use your mind to create a stronger physical body. Bring power to your lower abdomen to build strength and stamina in your entire body.

Enhance your mental focus: Improve your concentration through simple exercises that reinforce the unity of mind and body.

Maximize your Ki energy: Stimulate the flow of Ki energy throughout your body, and experience greater vitality in your life. This workshop is designed to help you achieve optimal energy circulation, known as “Water-Up, Fire-Down.”.


Find Your Center: Make your body and brain stronger and more flexible by developing your lower Dahnjon (energy center), the foundation of your power. The development of this Dahnjon can also have a profound effect on your emotional life, offering a hidden tool to help manage stress and emotions for greater focus and peace of mind.

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Program fee: 195€

111€ early bird until August 1st

Included in the price

Full Training Program

A preparation session, main training and followup sessions

Food & Drinks

Snacks and tea are provided.


We will provide mats when necessary.

  • How about lunch?
    On the first day we will begin after lunch. On the second day please bring your own lunch box. You will have one hour break.
  • Can I book accommodation?
    Yes! We have single and double rooms available. Please contact us directly to organise it.
  • What should I wear?
    Wear comfortable clothes that allow you to move. We suggest wearing plain and light colour (preferably white) without text or pictures, this aids in focusing on yourself and creates no distraction for others.
  • Do I need to bring something?
    Apart from lunch on day 2, you don't need to bring anything else with you.
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