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Immersive Retreats

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  Upcoming retreats  
October 24th to 29th (fully booked)
November 3rd to 8th (fully booked)

Information on 2024 retreats coming soon

Invest in Yourself

A chance to hold space to create, rediscover and reconnect with your true self.

A unique and practical approach to meditation and movement for both experienced and beginner meditators.

Holistic practice group sessions and individual time for integration.

Visit high vibrational sites and learn to change your energy and raise your vibration through nature.

The world is now at a turning point with so much that is going on. It is up to us individually to raise our vibration and expand our consciousness level to create a positive impact on the world and the people around us. 


This meditation retreat is designed for both the beginner and the experienced meditator.

Whether there’s a part of you that needs to heal, be more fully alive, or you are looking to open to your purpose in this life; this retreat will gift you the frequency to empower the most magnificent version of yourself!


Utilising Tenerife’s vibrant energy, this retreat is designed to help you expand your awareness, align with your true self, and undergo a transformational experience with like-hearted soul family! 

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