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Breathing Qigong

get rooted, find balance, create peace

Upcoming dates

February 19 - 23, 2025
May 7 - 11, 2025

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a 5 day in-person retreat for all levels

Breathing Qi Gong is designed to slow your nervous system down. Through practice learn how to feel the pulse of the Earth beneath you and how to be in a constant communication with the Earth, receiving new energy, releasing the old. 

Learn about your energy system and how to find your calm and focused state of being. Qi Gong is about the balance of tension vs. relaxation and energy circulation. Through continuous practice you begin to release places in the body that you habitually keep tense, thus releasing trauma and stored up emotions. As a result you feel lighter and more energised!

What you will gain

through this workshop

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Find your core energy

What is Breathing Qi Gong?

During this 5 day course you will learn the main principles of this ancient practice for restoring balance and harmony between the body and the mind. 

Much like riding a bicycle, once you have experienced true Qi Gong movement, your body just knows it and you can continue 'riding the wave' and perfecting your skill. This course will teach you how to 'ride that wave' in the most structured and nurturing way with a lot of time in between for self practice in the beautiful gardens of Tenerife Healing Garden and near the Teide volcano in the National Teide Park. 

You will learn the main energy points and how to feel and work with them and you will learn 1 Qi Gong sequence in great depth.

Qi Gong retreat at Tenerife

For best experience some locations are subject to change

Places you'll visit

  • Tenerife Healing Garden

  • National park of Cañadas del Teide (UNESCO)

unique and unforgettable

What you will experience

  • Guided morning meditations

  • Daily group training at a Healing Garden facilities

  • A trip to Teide and a Qi Gong training there

  • Free time to integrate experiences

  • Stay at a Healing Garden facility with luscious gardens, meditation paths and swimming pools.

  • Learning Qi Gong principles from Tao Masters

Qi Gong retreat at Tenerife healing garden

What people are saying

I felt the yin and yang energy

“I felt sickness rising as we did the intestine exercises. I felt the yin and yang heat and cold energy. It was really good to go deep into each posture and move. I felt energised after the session. Thank you!"

Thomas, Portugal

Price: 685€

Book before October 31st for Early Bird price of -15%

Included in the price:

Full program

Every day 2 guided Qi Gong sessions and meditations with some time during the day for self training and reflection

Food & Drinks

Only 1 meal is included in this retreat. You will have a kitchen and all appliances in the house where you will stay.  


Stay at our Healing Garden.

Large groups will be accommodated in a hotel. Private rooms may be available on request for an additional fee. 


Bath towels and shampoos are included as well as yoga mats


Are you interested but you need something more to decide?

This Qi Gong course is designed for those who want to develop a deeper and a more meaningful connection with their body. It is slow-paced, meditative and is perfect for someone who wants to completely disconnect from the outsode world. 


Are you interested but not sure yet? You can book a free consultation call below and meet us for an opportunity to ask any questions and experience a meditation that will help you connect to what you can experience on this trip. 

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