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·Body & Brain ·

stretching · qigong · breathing · meditation

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✓  Strengthen immune system

✓  Alleviate stress and anxiety

✓  Increase energy levels

✓  Improve breathing

✓  Improve sleep

✓  Calm your mind

✓  Improve circulation and digestion

✓  Improve your posture

✓  Improve your flexibility

✓  Improve concentration

✓  Increase your confidence and drive

✓  And much more!

The Benefits

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About Body & Brain


Our yoga focuses on meridian stretching and is a physical and brain workout that connects your mind and body for increased strength, flexibility, and centeredness.

In each class we train our bodies with simple yet powerful exercises and techniques, bringing the awareness inside of ourselves . Through our signature breathing postures you will accumulate energy and strengthen your core, leaving you feel recharged, relaxed and refreshed.

Combining elements from a variety of Eastern practices, our fun and dynamic classes cover the basics to release tension and create a deep relaxed state in which the body and mind encounter the space to connect.


Integrated in all our clases, our meditative system of martial art forms helps to improve your body alignment, balance, energy (Qi or Ki) circulation and physical stamina.

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Our mindful breathing techniques are designed for optimal benefits for your mind, body, and spirit to use at home, at work, while exercising, and in stressful situations.


Clear and dynamic meditation techniques that help you develop the ability to relax and focus on energy sensations, bringing your mind naturally into a state of deep peace.


Introductory session

For beginners with Body & Brain

Learn Body&Brain basics experiencing some of our signature exercises and meditations and find out how you can utilise this holistic practice to achieve what you are looking for.

Are you already a member?

You can book this session and get a better understanding of the principles behind class exercises and deepen your practice to get the most out of it.

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